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Current Project Log Directory

Okay... This might get a little confusing, so here's the deal... My original project directory, covering my history with my original 1967 Spitfire, can be found here.

THIS page is to keep track of my current restoration project, which is a 1968 Spitfire, which but for a few exceptions, is identical to the '67 I worked on for two and a half years, then sold.

In case you missed the explanation of why in the heck I would sell a perfectly good 1967 RHD Spitfire to build a 1968 LHD version (thus depriving myself of a unique, fun car to drive in the interim), here's the scoop. Now that you have it all sorted out, let's get started...

Good-bye Mrs. Jones, hello ...Mrs. Jones?

Tracking down needed spares 5/20/02 - 4/20/03

Preparing and restoring the bits... 6/24/02 - present Last Update: 9/08/02

The engine 8/15/02 - 4/20/03

Uprating the Cooling and Heating Circuit - 8/16/02 - present Last Update: 8/19/02

Restoring the dash and gauges 9/08/02 -4/20/03

Wiper Wheelbox Restoration And Installation - 12/28/02

Body restoration 3/16/00 - 9/2/02

Painting & Assembly Part 1 - 9/12/02 - 11/6/02

Painting & Assembly Part 2 - 11/6/02 - present Last Update: 7/17/03

Roadtest! Impressions and Notes 3/17/03 - present Last Update: 10/7/03

Specifications and Photos of the completed car

Jeff's Spitfire Mk3 Buyer's Guide - 8/21/00

Engine Cosmetics

Please. Always wear your seatbelt while driving -- and that goes double for your children if you have any.